Note: All indented texts are direct quotes from Mass DOE documents, screen shots are from their documents. Most are referenced twice, once as a link to their site, and once to a copy on this site, just in case something changes or moves in the future. Any text rendered in red is their text with my emphasis. Sometimes we are both emphasizing the same thing!

How does one pass the MCAS-Alt?

Good question. Basically no one does. To get a Competency Determination (basically "to pass") there are various components that must be included. Here is a sample.

Screen shot from the 2008 Educator's Manual for MCAS-Alt, page 26. (Mass DOE web site) (this web site)

REMEMBER: The MCAS-Alt is for the disabled, the special needs students. Some of these students are non-verbal, they cannot communicate AT ALL. They make no known movements with intent. And that is what they are tested against! For more on these students and the test ... check out this website.

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