The MCAS-Alt exam is broken ...

The MCAS-Alt is the "alternate" version of the MCAS (Massachusetts' implementation of the No Child Left Behind law). If a student is too disabled or for some reason unable to take the "typical" "paper and pencil" MCAS exam, and is unable to take the MCAS with accommodations (such as extra time) then the student's Individualized Education Plan (IEP) team may decide the student is to take the MCAS-Alt.

There are laws and guidelines defining the MCAS-Alt. Then there is the implementation. Somewhere in between is the MCAS-Alt Coordinator, a staff member at the Massachusetts Department of Education.

What exactly is broken?

The implementations have little or no connection with the laws, intents, nor guidelines. I will show this with actual examples and the Commonwealth's own words.

Simple facts, that is all. What the Commonwealth says about the MCAS-Alt and what it actually is. Using their words, their laws, their design ... let's see what conclusions you come to.

I am NOT anti-NCLB, I am NOT anti-MCAS-Alt, I am against it's implementation.